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What do we do?

Applifier helps game and app publishers of all sizes grow their applications through cross promotion. Over 800 awesome apps trust us to promote their application to over 150 million monthly active users on Facebook, Open Web and Mobile.

In the first four months after our launch on April 26th 2010 we’ve delivered over ten million free clicks to our members enabling many of them grow a lot faster. Applifier is the first large scale cross promotion network on Facebook and pioneered in the successful use of cross-promotion across independent publishers.

If you are creating outstanding social experiences, we’d love to help you grow!

How did we get here?

Applifier was originally founded as a social game developer called Everyplay, that launched two titles on Facebook (Kamu World, a virtual world, and Kamu Town, a city building game). While getting ready to launch Kamu Town in early 2010 we started to think about ways to help it grow. The outlook wasn’t great with Facebook virality being toned down and ad pricing climbing rapidly. Everyplay did not have venture funding, so we looked for ideas that would help us bootstrap growth without affecting the bottom line.

Out of the blue came the idea to do cross-promotion. Simply do what the big publishers do for their own games, but across independent game developers and publishers. Little did we know that cross-promotion was an tried and true idea from the mid 1990s when a company called Link Exchange popularized the model for banners.

We started reaching out to the good folks we knew in the social games space. Nabeel Hyatt, CEO and founder of Conduit Labs, was one of the first ones to join in. He was instrumental in finding more members to the network in the early days. Nabeel continues to advise Applifier.

The network went live on April 26th 2010 with the participation of great publishers from both sides of the Atlantic. The results were extremely positive and word of mouth was so strong that the network grew explosively:

  • 3.5 million MAU on April 26th
  • 10 million MAU end of May
  • 26 million MAU end of June
  • 35 million MAU end of July
  • 55 million MAU end of August
  • 150 million MAU, Summer 2011

More on why we grew so fast on Quora.

We are thrilled to be working for so many outstanding companies. You guys rock!

What’s the story behind the name?

We amplify apps –> Applifier

Who are in the team?

Jussi Laakkonen

CEO and founder, came up with the vision of starting Everyplay as a social games developer and pivoting it later to Applifier. Before Everyplay Jussi has co-founded ASSEMBLY Organizing, which organizes 5000 person LAN parties held twice a year in Finland since year 1992, as well as Eworks Finland, a digital agency founded in the mid 1990s. Jussi worked previously at Bugbear Entertainment, a console racing game developer and F-Secure, a publicly listed data security company.

Jussi got his start in the demoscene group Future Crew (Wikipedia, documentary).

Jussi blogs (rather infrequently) at http://jussilaakkonen.wordpress.com and sometimes remembers to update Twitter at @jussil.

Jussi’s bio at LinkedIn.

Pekka Aakko

business development director and co-founder, has worked together with Jussi for nearly two decades and was naturally the first guy who jumped at the chance to make Everyplay happen. Pekka has founded and co-founded several startups including Internet Finland, an ISP in the late 1990s, as well as ASSEMBLY Organizing and Eworks Finland with Jussi. Pekka previously worked at Logica for several years.

Pekka was pioneer in online games with BatMUD where he served as the chairman of the board.

Pekka’s bio at LinkedIn.

Jalmari Raippalinna

Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, is a pioneer in high end visual programming for Flash. In short, coolest looking stuff you can see in your browser. Jalmari has worked at several high tech startups previously.

Jalmari’s and his group’s exploits will rock your browser.

Jalmari’s bio at LinkedIn.

Matti Savolainen

Lead Server Developer and co-founder, is a veteran developer of high scale systems. Previously employed at IRC-Galleria he was instrumental in developing systems that allowed the hugely popular site deliver over 4 billion page loads a month.

Matti’s bio at LinkedIn.

Our investors

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